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These paintings are slowly crafted thin layer on top of thin layer- starting completely abstract and slowly taking shape into a world physically dense and clearly articulated. From a distance the paintings harness the power of restraint found in minimalist painting while upon closer inspection opens the viewer to the amplitude of infinite relational complexity.

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I began wheat pasting these Hearts on walls in Chicago and New York this quickly became a popular and vital part of my art practice expanding into clothing, tote bags, animations, murals, and various other commercial advertising campaigns. The Hearts have also been widely documented and included in various magazines, newspapers, websites, and Art books documenting Street Art worldwide. Through my work with Heart to Heart International, and their outreach programs with children the Hearts have been distributed on every continent.

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Over the top, intense color, large scale, sensory overload, complicated compositions, carefully executed, exciting, speedy, and cultivated.

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Grain Bins

I like to think of these as giant tin toys - I hear (from the farmer who owns the land) that the Robots have become a popular site for teenagers in the area to come and smoke pot, blare music out of their cars, and make out. I couldn’t be happier. These Robots live in Wolf Point Montana along route 2- they can be seen from the road.

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Weird Combos Art Show

This show is a collaboration with Erik Z. (Rainbow Cloud City) and Rob Corradetti (Killer Acid) at Secret Project Robot.

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Collage on found plastic

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Paint Chips

Colored pencil drawings on commercial paint chips. Each color name and drawing combining to create a three panel comic or visual haiku.

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